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😋 Yummy! This chicken box from gooddranchers is seriously the best chicken ever!

😋 Yummy! This chicken giftbox is from @gooddranchers and it's seriously the best chicken ever! It's our 3rd box of chicken we have ordered in the past couple months! The box we always get is called the *BETTER THAN ORGANIC CHICKEN box. The chicken breasts in this box are from #pastureraised chicken. There are no antibiotics, no hormones, and they're raised in a way that is better than the organic standard.

😋 Each box includes:

8 (4.5oz) Italian Seasoned Chicken Breast

8 (4.5oz) Garlic Pepper Chicken Breast

8 (4.5oz) Fajita Chicken Breast (Pre-sliced)

8 (4.5oz) Plain Chicken Breast

8 (4.5oz) Assorted #ChickenBreast

😋 I feel good about ordering these #chicken boxes and love how with each purchase I'm supporting #AmericanFarms & Ranchers plus ten meals are donated to local food banks. Right now you can try ANY box for your family with a huge discount of $30 off your total! Use my unique code: nurseshannan >


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