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🦀 Yummy! Alaskan Dungeness Crab!

🦀 Yummy! Alaskan Dungeness Crab! I'm loving this crab feast gift box from alaska gold seafood! The most delectable part of this crab feast are the claws. This is where you find the largest muscle of the crab and section of tastiness. This crab meat is juicy and tender plus packed with essential nutrients your body needs. I love how it's also pre-cooked and blast-freezed before shipping, so all I need to do is steam and serve! It's sustainably caught by one of Alaska Gold Seafood partners near Haines, Alaska.

🦀 Each box of dungeness crab is shipped from Alaska and contains 4.5 pounds of deliciously mild crabs, perfect for feeding a family of four to six people. Check out Alaska Gold Seafood Fish Market for the most delicious, super fresh salmon, cod, halibut, seafood variety packs and more! Conveniently delivered right to your door! I plan to order their salmon with my next order. Try anything site wide and get 10% off your first purchase!! Use my unique link to save!



What is your favorite seafood?

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