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Wow!!! ☪️ This Luna Lux box from wolf and thyme is incredible!

Wow!!! ☪️ This Luna Lux box from @wolfandthymeboxes is incredible and one of my all time favorite boxes!! It's packed full of handmade artisan goods that help you heal, rejuvenate, grow and connect with nature. There or so many wonderful and unique items in this gifted box!!! I love things that help with spiritual growth, organic and handmade items so this is my kinda #subscriptionbox .My favorite things are the amazing smokey #quartz cluster #crystals, the gorgeous crescent moon necklace and the handmade #dreamcatcher. ☪️ I can tell there was a lot of time, thought and effort put into curating this box. The theme, quality, uniqueness and over all vibe is what makes this one of my all time favorite boxes!!! If you're looking for that special box that includes things like organic and sustainable beauty products, crystals, candles, original artwork, handmade holistic accessories, healing tools and more then this one is definitely it!!!☪️ To learn more about #wolfandthyme subscription boxes visit


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