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Wow! These zyfe soaps are seriously the best soap I have ever tried!

Wow! These zyfe soaps are seriously the best soap I have ever tried! I've had the opportunity to test and review lots of different soaps over the past 6 years and this soap is by far the best soap I've ever reviewed! It smells delicious, lathers so soft and foamy and makes our skin feel amazing & perfectly moisturized! I've been encouraging Zelah about the importance of washing her hands before meals lately and these are perfect because they smell so good and the colors are beautiful plus the pumps are super easy to use!

Although it's a hand soap I've also been using it as a bubble bath and a body wash too! I love how it's made with plant derived ingredients, naturally scented with essential oils and infused with lots of vitamins to promote silky smooth healthy skin. Plus this brand is ecofriendly and uses many components of ocean bound recycled plastic (PCR = post consumer resin) so they don't end up in the oceans in the first place. They also plant trees in the Moroccan desert, and promote a healthy environment.

I highly, highly, highly recommend all these soap scents

coconilla key, rose bloom, hush lavender, and the citrus bask!

You can find these amazing soaps at


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13 avr. 2023


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