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🌼 Wow! I love my newest art piece I found at wexel art!

🌼 Wow! I love my newest art piece I found at wexel art! This is their Bold Orange Flowers by Ella Anderson.

It's a canvas wrap in an acrylic shadowbox. It looks fabulous in every room in my house! Love how this 5 sided acrylic shadowbox has absolutely perfect seams!! Good vibes and creates a sense of tranquility anywhere I hang it. All the different shades of gray look amazing paired with the acrylic slate sides. The rust colors of the flower petals give off a serene balance of darks and lights.

Shadowbox art is my favorite because I love the 3-D framing! Wexel Art has all kinds of uniquely gorgeous acrylic frames. They also have tabletop frames that give the same modern look as their floating frames without having to install anything on a wall. Check out all the unique framing options and let me know what you think. Right now my followers can get 10% off anything with the exclusive link in my bio highlighted story titled * Wexel Art.


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