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Wooden Mixer and Birthday Cake 🎂

🎂 Zelah had so much fun mixing, cooking and creating a pretend birthday cake for her stuffed animal friends. This hand painted wooden mixer and birthday cake set gifted from @letoyvantoys is so beautifully detailed. I love how all the different pieces in this set promote imaginative play. The mixer is from their honeybake collection and comes with a wooden detachable bowl, egg, milk, flour and sugar. The wood craftsmanship of all the pieces look and feels to be very well made with smooth high quality wood. Zelah loves how the egg comes apart in 2 pieces so she can pretend cracking the egg open and the wooden milk bottle has a removable lid. There is a rolling disc on the top side of the mixer that spins the beaters and it can raise and lower over the bowl just like a real mixer. 🎂 The vanilla #birthdaycake is also from their honeybake collection and includes candles, cake topper and a cake knife. Our favorite feature is how this #letoyvan cake splits apart in pieces when gently pushed with the cutting knife and then easily goes back together with the attached velcro. 🎁 The birthday cake and mixer set are sold separately but I think they compliment each other so perfectly. Both #letoyvantoys sets would make perfect gifts for any little girl age 3 and up. I found both sets on @amazon at



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