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Why you should use a travel agent  ❤

We're going on another @disneyland vacation in February!!! 👪 This time I'm using a travel agent @MagicalMomsTravelBlog to help us with resort selection, dining reservations, FastPasses, and other details. She detailed out an amazing vacation plan for us for #FREE & we're all so excited about it. I had no idea that some travel agents provide free trip planning. ❤ Check out her amazing #disneyvacation pics and check out this article she wrote that explains her service. " I recall planning our first trip to #DisneyWorld for 10 people, before I was a travel agent. I spent countless hours researching tips about @DisneyWorld and months planning everything. It was exhausting. Had I known about the #FREE services of a travel agent, I would have saved myself a lot of time. A travel agent will listen to what you want to get out of your trip, then make recommendations based on your goals and budget. One of the most valuable benefits of using a #travelagent is that we will monitor prices for you. When I get notified of a new promotion, I check my clients traveling during the promotional dates so I can save them money on their vacation! The biggest challenge I have is convincing a potential client that there are no hidden fees. Yes, there are agents out there that charge planning fees, but most do not. So, how do I get paid? Travel suppliers build agent commissions into their pricing structure. That means when you book directly on your own, you’re paying for the services of a travel agent that you’re not getting. Travel suppliers see value in agents that take time to learn about their brand and sell their product. We can talk to a client and recommend a particular brand that best fits their needs and budget. We also provide a single point of contact throughout the planning process, and a big travel supplier just doesn’t have the manpower to offer that level of service to their guests." . To learn more about @magicalmomstravelblog & use her for your next vacation visit ➡ . Did you know that some travel agents offer free trip planning??? . . #magicalmomstravelblogpartner .


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