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👩‍💻 What's your passion and purpose!

👩‍💻 What's your passion and purpose! I'm finding out mine because I've been reading and working on my Passion and Purpose Ebook & Workbooks bundle for the past few days! I'm currently working on my

Identifying Your Purpose Worksheet and it is an eye opener!

📘 The set includes:

7 Tips to keep Your Passion and Purpose Burning

Identifying Your Purpose Worksheet

Visualization Exercise

Personal Vision Statement Worksheet

Action Plan Implementation Worksheet

Exploring the Reality of Your Interests Worksheet

Goal and Action Plan Worksheet

Checklist is your passion "SMART"?

👕 I also found this Empowered Woman tee - Leaders, Trailblazers, Warriors, Women - at @jperricoaching! Love the statement, fit and feel of it! Jennifer is an amazing transformational coach! Everything on her site is meant to inspire and motivate you and share with the people you love. To learn more visit her site and use code SHE10 for 10% off this t-shirt as well as all of the eBooks!



👩‍💻 Also check out her life coaching SHERO website for several areas of expertise including divorce, mindset, empowerment, lawofattraction, confidence & money.



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