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♻ Weslee Rose Eco Box

♻ The February @wesleerose gifted Eco Box has some wonderful #zerowaste bath items and even a terry cloth soap saver bag to keep your #soap good to the last sliver. The handmade dandelion & honey soap is made from local honey and suds up nicely. The winter spice potpourri is a combo of cinnamon sticks, anise, cloves, and oven dried fruits! It smells amazing and also makes a creative #diy gift wrap idea in the compostable bags. I love #essentialoils so my favorite thing in this box is the Rosemary & Mint Shampoo Bar made with 100% pure essential oils. This box also included two Katboocha and #WesleeRose beautifully crafted handmade soap samples. If you love handmade #ecofriendly products then check out the weslee rose subscription box. ♻ Each themed box has #ecofriendly DIY gift wrapping ideas, full sized Weslee Rose products & new samples. To learn more visit ➡


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