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🐱 We've been using the door buddy for about a year and a half.

🐱 We've been using @thedoorbuddy for about a year and a half and it is seriously one of the cleverist and most useful things I've had the opportunity to review!! It comes in so handy because we love to spend time watching movies in our master bedroom with zelah, our 2 pugs and cat. 🐱 Our cat always sits at the door because she likes to come in and out of our room at will but that's impossible because we have to keep the door closed to prevent Zelah from roaming the house and getting into things. The #doorbuddy is the perfect solution to this problem because the strap allows enough space for kitty to get in and out while still keeping Zelah in. 🚪 It also works great for the room where we keep the litter box because kitty can get in and out while our larger pug and kids can't get in. Installation was quick and easy - No tools necessary and took about 1 minute! 🐱 If you have a cat and also have kids and or dogs I highly recommend!!. Right now you can get 20% off with my code SHANNAN20 ↪️

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