• Nurse Shannan

🌎 📳 We recently started playing Treasure Hunters!!

🌎 📳 We recently started playing Treasure Hunters!! It's a smartphone game where players hunt for REAL treasures in the natural world. 🪙🏴‍☠️ #TreasureHunters is super popular in Switzerland is now available in the U.S. You or your kids have probably played Pokémon GO or at least heard about it? Imagine a mobile game where there are real prizes to win. Using your cell phone, Treasure Hunters sends you on #treasurehunts that makes you win amazing gifts all over the country! This can range from a USD 10 gift card to a TV, a game console or even the latest smartphone.

To learn more about visit the link in my story ➡️


Also be sure to check out posts they're tagged in. You'll find posts of gifts people have already won playing Treasure Hunters.