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💡We never seem to have enough light in our kitchen!

We never seem to have enough light in our kitchen so I'm happy to of found this auvon inc on @amazon. It's a super bright rechargeable motion #light! 💡ad.. It's the perfect solution for above our kitchen sink and we love how it has different lumen settings that can be adjusted  from low to very bright. This handy light is also very responsive to any type of movement from all angles so it always goes on when we need it!  It works great as a night light in other rooms including bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways. I'm planning on getting a few more because they are great as dedicated multi-purpose lights for other low light areas in our garage, closets and drawers. Compared to all the other cabinet lights I've tried in the past this is my favorite #motionlight of all because it's super responsive to motion, doesn't damage cabinetry with its easy to install 3m tape & magnet plus just as easy to take down. We also love how its rechargeable so we never have to worry about changing the batteries. 🏠  If you've been looking  to light up all those dark areas in your home check it out


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