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🏜️ We have lots of mojave yuccas and joshua trees in our backyard.

🏜️ We have lots of mojave #yuccas and joshua trees in our backyard. Did you know that #JoshuaTrees aren't actually a tree at all! They're a plant belonging to the #yuccagenus that happens to resemble the size and growth pattern of a tree?!! One of our larger joshua trees that appeared to be healthy just toppled over out of nowhere last week (see pics). I think it fell over due to #climatechange or because of its incredibly shallow root system. I need to look into it because I don't want that to happen to any of our other trees.

🏜️ Lots of walking and hiking earlier today! I'm sure happy I had these new Austin leather slip on clogs gifted from @therafit. They're the most comfortable shoes I own and really easy to walk in. They have beautiful soft leather uppers and tough rubber soled bottoms so they can handle any kind of weather or terrain. They have comfy arch support, deep heel cups and removable sock lining insoles that lift and support my feet. #Therafit footwear are podiatrist approved and designed to support & cushion to relieve arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and other #footpain symptoms.


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