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🐸 We got our african drawf frogs last month.

🐸 We got our african drawf #frogs last month and Zelah has really loved being able to feed and take care of them. She named them froggy and #frogger! 🐸 ad. I want to make sure they live and their tank is properly functioning so I got these handy 6 in 1 #aquarium test strips from @sjwaveofficial. They're a fast & accurate way to test our frog tank water to monitor pH, hardness, nitrate, temperature and more. I love how they're so easy and ready to use right out of the box. They test for 7 of the most critical parameters in #fishtanks and come with a detailed color chart. I simply dip the strip in water and compare with color chart for instant and reliable results. The kit comes with 100 testing strips packed in separate packages. 🐸 They're the perfect solution for testing our frog tank as well as betta fish tanks, cold water or tropical fish tanks, shrimp tanks, plant aquariums, fish ponds and any other freshwater aquariums. I found the on @amazon ➡️


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