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🦖🌻We always find the coolest toys for Zelah at the toylifestore on Amazon.

🦖🌻We always find the coolest toys for Zelah @toylifestore on Amazon. She has loved and played with so many different toys from them over the past few years!. Her most recent gifts are this swirling 🌻 flower bath toy and this remote controlled dinosaur! 🦖 She still plays with their previous dino that wasn't remote controlled so now that has a new updated version she plays with both at the same time.

🌻 The flower bath toy comes with a watering can and 3 adorable squirting toys. When water is poured or squirted on it the flower design spins and has a cool looking waterfall effect.

🦖 The remote controlled dino lights up with a show of led lights everywhere!! It dances, makes realistic roaring sound and all sorts of other cool features. When it walks around it mimics a real #dinosaur movements. This robot #trex is also a fun way to improve hand-eye coordination. It can walk around, dance and pretty much go wherever she commands with the easy to use remote.

We love shopping at the #toylifestore because they're based in the USA and always have a variety of well made, affordable, nontoxic toys compliant with US toy safety standards. Check out their current collections ➡️


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