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WaltLife Boxes ❤

This @WaltLifeBoxes is packed full of magical Disney fun. I love all the attention to detail and even just the box is a fun a cool keepsake because it has all sorts of beautiful graphics. My daughter has been playing with the box as a little house for her new Christmas themed Disney plushes and ornaments that came in it. The #waltlifebox also included a beautiful little light up princess figurine and lots of other cool disney stuff. I think the reason this box is so amazing is because it's created by true Disney fans that create a personalized box specifically for your age and gender. Depending on which box you choose, you'll receive a personalized box which can include Disney pins, officially licensed Disney items, or Disney Parks products. Check it out for yourself and Use coupon: XMAS2019 for 15% OFF your first month ➡ #waltlifeboxes #gifted #dianeyfan

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