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TimeFlys Baby Monitors 🦁

#TimeFlysBabyMonitorsPartner 🦁 This @timeflysbabymonitors set is easy to use and has tons of great features including two way talk, bright and clear LCD display, temperature monitoring, sweet lullabies, night light and more. The 2 way talk makes it easy for parents to talk to and comfort their baby by pressing the talking button. Or you can lull your baby to sleep with a sweet range of up 8 different #lullabies! I love how cute the units are and the nightlight can be remotely controlled for anytime needed. The acoustics and vibration work interchangeably and the temp monitoring lcd screen shows real-time temperature of the room. A clever acoustical warning will sound when the room temperature is past the range of 86F. The #TimeflysBabyMonitor portable units both have rechargable batteries and micro US making them perfect for camping too! This set does everything & is currently very reasonably priced on @amazon ➡ .


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