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🍅 Time to plant some tomatoes!

🍅 Time to plant some tomatoes! Southern California has a very long growing season for tomatoes. We typically plant tomatoes between March and April. I found this tomato cage at the K-Brands store on amazon. They're made with a strong steel core with a sturdy, thick plastic coating. Super quick and easy to assemble by simply snapping them together with no tools required. They help the growth of several vertical climbing vegetables or plants including tomatoes, jasmine, beans, or roses. Love how the ergonomic design ensures that the plant’s fruit and leaves won’t weigh down the stems. The snap-on clips make it easy to reposition the cages up to 68” in height. Lots of space for seedlings (plant babies) and starter plants to grow and thrive. Right now you can get 20% off these Tomato Support Cages with Code CAGEKB20


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