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🕰️ Time goes by so fast and I want to cherish the memories!

🕰️ Time goes by so fast and I want to cherish the memories! It's so important for me to preserve my favorite #familymemories before its too late! The @getremento iPhone App is the perfect solution!! It's an innovative family storytelling platform that easily allows me to be creative and put little video recordings of myself speaking about #mymemories alongside my favorite pics.

◼️ I've been using this app for the past couple of weeks and love how it recommends prompts for my content. These customizable prompts are then used to guide in person conversations, recorded directly within the app! These recordings are then showcased alongside the prompts in a beautiful interactive playback experience for me to save and share. The prompts depend on the content and can be anything from holidays, vacationing, birthdays, graduation, kids playing, family outings, wedding pics and just about any kind of #memorablemoments I want to customize and make more meaningful.

◼️ Another cool feature is the apps templates or I can create my own project by writing my own questions and choosing my own photos etc. My completed creation can then be given to a grandparent, friends and family members as a gift and a way to preserve my favorite memories.

◼️ The #remento app is totally private and secure and has no ads, no selling your data or content. Most importantly no one can see your content unless you export it. 🕰️ Time goes by so fast and this is the perfect way to customize and preserve your memories! Try it for your most memorable pics And let me know what you think!



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