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🤍 This ultrasonic face cleanser & massager from lifetrons is absolutely amazing and does it all!

🤍 This ultrasonic face cleanser & massager from @lifetrons is absolutely amazing and does it all! I'm so impressed with this gifted #beautydevice because it is by far the most advanced and innovative #skincare device I've had the opportunity to try! I've been using it for a couple weeks and it has #workedwonders especially with decreasing problem areas like tone and deep wrinkles.

The reason it works so well is because it combines cleansing, micro-vibrations, microcurrents, negative ions and ultrasonic all into this one #innovative device. The soft silicone cleansing head is really gentle and I love how it's also waterproof. The micro-vibrations feel great as they cleanse and exfoliate my skin, unclog my pores and remove all my excess makeup residue.

Another cool feature is how the #emsmicrocurrents help stimulate and firm my facial muscles. My skin looks so much better and I totally see less noticeable wrinkles and #finelines after each treatment. This technology is designed to do everything my skin needs like stimulate cell renewal, increase elasticity and boost #collagen reproduction. The ultrasonic massage totally helps improve blood circulation, activate skin cells and bring nutrients into my skin's deep layers. It really does do it all and is the perfect addition to my daily skincare routine. To learn more and try it for yourself visit


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