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🪥 This toothbrush holder from hoytdesign is exactly what I was looking for.

🪥 This toothbrush holder from @hoytdesign is exactly what I was looking for. What an awesome gift to help me get organized, declutter and hide all the messy cords of our #sonicare toothbrushes. Hoyt Design has all sorts of different designs for all the popular electric #toothbrushes including @philipssonicare @oralb , burst, #diamondclean and many others. Custom designs for pretty much any kind of #electrictoothbrush is available. 💡 I think these toothbrush holders are such a clever idea for a #kidsbathroom and you can even have your child's name put on them. It was super simple to Install too!! I simply removed my old outlet cover and put this in its place and #voilà!! Check out all the different designs and options to help declutter your bathroom space ➡️

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