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🐙 This stacktopus game from is so fun!

🐙 This #stacktopus game from @playmonster is so fun! Zelah has been having a blast putting the silly octopus arms on her fingers to pick up and stack the cups!!! The gifted game also comes with a set of cards so she can match her stack of cups to the card shown to win! It’s fun for kids and the whole family!!! 🐼 She also received this cute panda #Latchkits 3D design. We are excited to start matching the yarn to the color-coded spaces to make this fluffy 3D panda soon!!! The kit includes everything we need including the latch hook tool, 2 lengths of pre-cut yarn, and a color-coded, super easy-to-follow grid. We will be doing a story about our finished panda design soon!!! 🏠 Both sets are a fun way for her to stay entertained at home. To learn more about them visit ➡️




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