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💪 This smart music fitness tracker watch has so many awesome features!

💪 This smart music #fitnesstracker watch has so many features! It has an awesome music mp3 player for android and iPhone iOS. I can just plug my headphones into the watch and its mp3 sounds incredible plus it can store about 2000 songs in multiple music formats. I can also get

messages on it simply by connecting my phone with the bluetooth of the #watch.⌚ ad. I can get calls, check all my social media and more. The high def touchscreen screen is big and easy to read too. My favorite thing about this watch is it's super accurate fitness tracker that measures heart rate, blood pressure and even my #bloodoxygen!! 🌊 This watch is also waterproof and dustproof and is the perfect smart watch for women, men, and kids. To learn more and see all the different colors it comes on visit ➡️



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