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⏰ This screaming meanie alarm clock is my all time favorite alarm clock for several reasons.

⏰ This @shopscreamingmeanie alarm clock is my all time favorite #alarmclock for several reasons. We love that it has a huge easy to read display and an adjustable alarm loudness designed to be super loud for heavy sleepers like husband!! ad ⏲️ It also has five easy to see brightness settings and can be set in 10 different languages. We've been using it for daily reminders and like the option of choosing 14 different dedicated reminder icons. This alarm clock even comes with a pill organizer that matches up with one of the icons. I think it would make a great gift for heavy sleepers, busy parents, students, elderly and also anyone on a daily medication schedule. The most unique thing about the #screamingmeanie

alarm clock is the alarm countdown display so you always know for sure when your next alarm is going off. ⏱️ If you're looking for a loud alarm that's super easy to use, hear and see then check this one out ➡️


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