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📚 This rechargeable book from glocusent has lots of great features.

📚 This rechargeable book from @glocusent has lots of great features. It is perfect for kids, tweens and adults too!! Love how it has 3 Brightness Modes with the CRI above 95. It means this #readinglight reveals the true colors of books compared with other kids reading light. There is no flickering or harsh light and it has blue light filtered. Perfect way to reduce #eyestrain for kids and adults.

Another plus is how it has 16 advanced LED beads and there are 3 brightness levels dimmable. The light is nice and bright, soft, & evenly spread. We also like how its USB rechargeable for up to 80 hrs!!! So the built in battery actually provides your kids with 8 to 80 reading hours (depending on your brightness setting). There are 4 handy power indicators to show you how much power left currently.What makes it great for kids is how it's durable, lightweight & portable with short-circuit protection and no sharp edges.

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