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🌈 This rebounder trampoline from is so much #lfun.

🌈 This rebounder trampoline from @LeapsAndRebounds is so much #fun. The assembly process took about 45 minutes and came with easy to follow instructions. The #Rebounder comes with sturdy bungees that you assemble yourself which is great because most #trampolines out there come with springs that are loud and snap off making them very dangerous. The rebounder #trampoline is also great for people that have a hard time running on hard pavement as well as older people. It really does make working out fun and my husband and daughter like to use it too. Best of all it comes with a Lifetime Warranty so If at any time you need a replacement part they send you that needed part ASAP. 🌈 This rebounder really is the perfect at home #workout for me and my entire family. Right now you can get 10% off your entire purchase at #LeapsandRebounds with my code: NurseShan ➡️


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