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This personalized 3D laser engraved photo cube from the roniatic store on amazon is amazing!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

This personalized 3D laser engraved photo cube from the #roniatic store on @amazon is amazing! What a unique and beautiful way to display favorite pics and #keepmemoriesalive! It's made with an advanced technology #laserengraving to make the photo 3D with #stateoftheart crystals by a highly skilled and trained designer. When you look at it from different angles you can actually see detailed side and back 3d views of Jimmy and Zelah. I also love how the led base adds multi colored lights and brightness to the crystal and my photo to give it this modern and elegant look.

It was super easy to creat too... I simply uploaded one of my favorite pics and chose the title and font *Newport Beach 2019. I love how it changes colors and projects a light show! Check out all my additional pics and video to truly see how #awesome this work of art is. I created this personalized 3D crystal photo cube @amazon!!

Check it out and get 30% off with code: 30UWZMAT




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