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🏠 This Ollie robot vacuum from triforobotics is awesome and does it all!

🏠 This Ollie robot vacuum from @triforobotics is awesome and does it all! I've had a few different robot vacuums in the past and this one is by far the best in every way. It has so many innovative features and is the most efficient robot vacuum out there for pet owners or anyone else who just loves a super clean floor without all the time and effort involved!

🏠 One of the reasons it works so well is because it has incredibly strong suction power of 4000Pa! This is way stronger suction than any other #robotvacuum I've ever tried. The suction is so strong that it gets all those tiny particles and dander that my other vacuums can't get. The hair extractor works wonders for all kinds of hair and dust bunnies by allowing suction air flow to the #robotvacuum to get all the hair of both people and pets. I especially love how I don't need to worry about cleaning all the hair on the brush!

🏠 Another cool feature is the hd camera and how it works with Alexa and Google assistant through wifi!. It even has a #petcam that can be used as a #kidcam too and the picture quality is beautiful with full color and super high resolution. The camera actually scans around the rooms to avoid obstacles and amazingly even works in low light! It even has an optional live stream video camera so we can easily listen, talk, and record our pets or kids as needed.

🏠 It gets rid of odors while it cleans my floors. The innovative time-of-flight depth sensor and SLAM technology makes sure all vacuuming is super effective! Ollie also makes everything super clean by getting rid of all the random allergens around our house with a built in HEPA filter and an activated charcoal filter plus a large dustbin.

🏠 We especially love how it has high precision position tracking, precise indoor mapping, and 3D scene understanding that prevents it from bumping into our furniture. Ollie truly is the best artificial intelligence vacuum ever with its innovative sensors that allow it to map out our house and clean over 3Xs faster compared to all the regular robot vacuums we've ever tried!

🎁 Get an extra 20% off with code: 6KY5LZMK, valid until August 31, 2022


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