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💋🏝 This @klipsobeauty Tropical Dawn Guava Vegan Lip Scrub smells wonderful!

💋🏝 Have you ever tried a lip scrub? This @klipsobeauty

Tropical Dawn Guava Vegan #LipScrub smells wonderful and works wonders too! !After just one use my lips are amazingly soft, smooth and hydrated! It works so well because combines the sweetness of guava, #sheabutter, jojoba oil and coconut oil, to give you an effective blend and delicious taste. It's really easy to use too. I simply massage a small amount of scrub gently onto my lips and wipe with a soft tissue or moist cotton ball to remove it. 💄 Afterwards I simply apply a lip balm or my favorite lipstick and I'm done. I also love how Klipso Beauty donates a percentage of the sales from the Tropical Dawn lip scrub to the #LookGoodFeelBetter organization in honor and in the memory of her beautiful beloved sister Dawn Monclova. @klipsobeauty creates luxury lip products With A Caribbean Theme . 💋🏝 They are always organic, vegan, cruelty free and paraben free. Right now you can try them with my 10% off code: discount code. SHAN10




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