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🖤 This kids dimmable copyboard is so much fun!!

🖤 This kids dimmable copyboard from

is so much fun!! It's perfect for tracing cartoon printables like all her favorites @sagomini. Also great fod alphabet letters, numbers and just about anything else to promote drawing skills and hand eye coordination.

I love how we can freely adjust the lighting with the touch sensitive button to find the perfect lighting. It has flickerless LED lights that stay cool so there's no danger of it overheating. It also comes with a USB power cable so we can easily power the light box from any computer or it connects directly into a wall outlet. What a great way to reduce screen time so kids can enjoy getting creative.

#JustMother is an online shop that has innovative and practical products for babies and their families. Right now there is a sale going on for 50% off and free shipping sitewide.


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