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🗺️ This interactive map makes the perfect educational gift!

🗺️ This interactive map from @boxlegend_fans makes the perfect educational gift for kids ages 2 - 8 years old! Zelah had so much fun using the magic wand stylus to touch and explore all the fun facts, music and interactive features ! There are 10 interactive features to choose from and over 2000 fun facts!!! There's also all sorts of fun quizzes and auditory scenes to explore in 50 states. When taking the quizzes I like how it gives her the correct answer in an easy to understand way after 3 wrong attempts.


The map teaches kids about the following:

#Climate - Learn typical weather patterns of each state.

#NationalAnthem - Sing the national anthem of the United States.

#States - Learn the name, shape, location, and boundaries of each state

#CapitalCity - Learn the name and location of capital city about each state.

#Geography Tips - Learn time zone and geographical features about each state.

#Population and ranking of each state; the largest city in each state, the area of each state, the time each state joined the Union.

#FunFacts - Learn economy, history, culture, celebrity, nickname, the source of name, motto, state song, state flag about each state.

#Amazing - Hundreds of immersive sounds , special things and great inventions in every state.


To learn more about this fun interactive learning map visit


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