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🛌 This hybrid mattress is amazingly comfortable and a great deal too!

🛌 This hybrid mattress giftset from novilla is amazingly comfortable and a great deal too! It combines the best of everything I need in a mattress - a comfy pillow top, gel memory foam and pocketed coils!

🛌 One of my favorite things about it is the motion isolation because it solves the problem of constantly waking up my husband when I roll around or get in and out of bed while he's asleep! I also love the entire body support and I sleep perfectly through the night now! It has the perfect amount of support and firmness without that weird sinking feeling. It also has a clever reinforced edge support to prevent falling off when sitting or sleeping on the edge of the mattress. The pillow top layer is amazingly soft and perfectly fits my body curves. All in all I'm super impressed with the comfort and the price!

🛌 If youve been looking to upgrade your sleeping experience try this hybrid mattress for yourself and let me know what you think!


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