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👩‍🔧 This HAPTIME store amazon kids electric diy drill set is so fun!

👩‍🔧 This HAPTIME store @amazon kids electric diy #drillset is so fun!!! It includes 237 pieces and will keep any kid age 3 to 10 entertained for hours! 🔫 ad.. Zelah had so much fun using the electric drill & screwdriver and was able to easily assemble the plates onto the base grid to build all sorts of 2D & 3D designs of her own! So far she has made flowers and silly #robots! 🤖 The set also comes with a little book that shows how to make all sorts of other crafts like the lion, truck, butterfly, birds, helicopter and lots more. 👩‍🔧 This #stem learning diy set includes an interchangable drill bits, reversible electric drill, chunky plastic nuts and bolts, screwdriver, screw, wrench, instructions with 43 patterns, storage bag and the handy carrying case. It's currently on sale at the HapTime Store @amazon! Click the link in my bio ➡️


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