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🚿 This handheld filtered shower head set from wavelu is amazing!

🚿 This handheld filtered shower head set from @wavelu_official is amazing and unlike any other #handheldshower I've used in the past!! It has a dual filtration design that removes all those heavy metals, chlorine, rust, sediments and other impure residues from #tapwater. Such an important way to protect my family while promoting healthier hair and skin. It works so well because when water leaves the filtration tank, it passes through old pipes systems, collecting rust, dust and debris along the way. 🚿This dual filtering system improves water quality by removing all those harmful substances and helps restore the water to a healthier and more balanced pH which is safer for our skin. I also love the

transparent design of the shower head that shows how much debris the filter actually collects in real-time!

🌎 This clever shower head also features an innovative micro-nozzle technology, which increases water pressure while reducing water usage up to 30%, so you can save on water bills and contribute to the protection of the environment! This Dual Filter Shower Head can be found on Amazon, ➡️


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