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📚 This glocusent book light has tons of cool features!!

📚 This glocusent book light has tons of cool features!! It has 5 brightness levels to choose from and memorizes the previous setting of the brightness for you. There are 5 LED beads scientifically installed so the light can be evenly distributed on reading pages. It's totally bright enough to illuminate the full pages, while dim enough not to disturb others nearby with no flickering or harsh light. I also like how it has 3 different color modes including amber, breezy and precise reading mode.

I like to use the amber #booklight setting because it filters 99.9% blue light to protect your eyes and reduce #eyestrain. It's adjustable with the clamp of the clip on light can open upion150°. 📚 The head of the light can be turned left, right and downside with different angles making it flexible for all my different book sizes. It's also lightweight and compact so I can put it in my bag and take it anywhere. I found it and the #glocusent store on @amazon.


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