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🕳️ This Feng Shui black obsidian wealth bracelet from buddha-power-world is absolutely gorgeous!

🕳️ This Feng Shui black obsidian wealth bracelet from @buddhapow is absolutely gorgeous! It's so beautifully crafted and made with natural #obsidian stones! It makes a fabulous gift and is amazing alone or stacked with other similar bracelets!

This rare obsidian bracelet is popularly known as #PiXiu. Pi Xiu is known for attracting #wealthandabundance and Obsidian is known for ultimate protection and to shield against negativity. 🕳️ #obsidian is also well known as a very powerful and creative stone, it increases self-control and forces one to face up to their #trueself. What a fabulous bracelet for releasing imbalances and negative energies, while attracting wealth, power and #positiveenergy.

I also received several other amazing bracelets from @buddhapow made from various natural stones that all have their own unique history and #positivevibes. This original feng shui jewelry is the perfect way to help align energy with the universe. 

Check out their collection of #FengShui, Buddha Power Wealth & Protection Bracelets. My favorite or all is the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth bracelet. I'm sure you can find the perfect bracelet too! You can find them here ➡️



Also be sure to download the Buddha Power Store app! It's now available on iOS App Store:



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