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๐Ÿ’– This Canopy x Lalo gift set is so easy to use and has tons wonderful health & wellness benefits!

๐Ÿ’– This Canopy x Lalo gift set from our friends @get.canopy is so easy to use and has tons wonderful #healthandwellness benefits! What a wonderful way to transform any space of our home into a relaxing place for better breathing, healthy skin and all the benefits of aromatherapy! This #CanopyHumidifier is #pediatricianrecommended for easier breathing and better sleep for babies, kids and adults without all the hassles and health risks of traditional humidifiers. ๐Ÿ’– I love how it covers a lot of space and hydrates rooms up to 500 square feet. One tank lasts a long time too.. up to 36 hours! One of my favorite things about it is how the #innovative smart sensors can detect and maintain the perfect amount of moisture 24/7! I have one in Zelah's room but plan to get another one for our room to help Jimmy with his sinus problems because this system is a natural way to relieve #nasalcongestion and sinus irritation. It also helps alleviate symptoms of cold, flu, allergies and reduce the spread of airborne viruses. I love to use it to help hydrate and soften my dry skin!!

Also included in this kit is the

@Lalo by Canopy all natural aroma kit for healthy hydration. We all love the relaxing aroma therapy that smells absolutely amazing!! Made with pure #essentialoils that have no synthetic fragrances making them safe for diffusing around my little one and pets. I simply put a few drops on the cute little puck, place it on top of the humidifier and the entire space and even throughout the rest of our home #smellsamazing and gives a relaxing vibe! No wonder this humidifier's unique system has been seen in some of my favorite places like @voguemagazine, @allure and @wellplusgood! To learn more and try this system for your family visit >


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