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🍱 This benrii bento box has tons of features!

🍱 This @benrii_bento box has tons of features including a handy 4 compartment tray that's perfect for Zelah because she doesn't like her foods to touch or mix together. The design keeps food super fresh and perfectly separates #snacks, salad, #fruits, and any other type of food. It also has a dressing container, large salad bowl, spork and even a detachable ice pack to keep your food chilled. It's great for kids because it has a totally leak proof lid design with air-tight locks to prevent food from spilling! 🍱 This design is also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe making it perfect for everyday use. #Benriibento box is built to last and I can see Zelah using this a ton in the future for school, travel, picnics and on the go! It comes in different colors and I think it would make a thoughtful gift for kids and adults. 🍱 To see the different color selections and learn more about this innovative bento box visit @amazon



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