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💤 This beautiful Vesta Thermoregulating Silk-filled Duvet is so soft and comfy!

💤 This beautiful gifted Vesta Thermoregulating Silk-filled Duvet from @vesta_sleep is so soft and cozy!  We've been using it for the past couple of weeks now and it has totally improved our quality of sleep. It's moisture wicking, thermoregulating and breathable so we don't get sweaty or overheated.

🛌 The best kind of all season temperature regulated sleep that we can use year round. I love how it's made of 100% premium quality silk and all white on one side & grey on the other side. It comes packaged in a beautiful basket and makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for anyone! 🎁 Right now you can get 25% off with my exclusive code: SHANNAN25. To learn more about this luxurious Vesta Thermoregulating Silk-filled Duvet! ➡️



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