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🚗 This baby on board led sign is such a clever idea for night time driving..

🚗 This baby on board led sign from @revvtechnology is such a clever idea for nighttime driving. It can be used as a constant stationary light or as flashing lights. The light up panel totally makes your vehicle stand out on the road to promote safer driving conditions by alerting surrounding drivers. It was super easy to install with no suction cups, magnets or batteries needed. I simply stuck it on my back windshield and plugged it in the usb. The on/off button is conveniently located near the connection of the usb.

🚗 What a quick and easy way to show others that you're traveling with a little one encouraging them to be extra cautious on the road around you. It's especially handy during lane changes and intersections.

👶 These baby on board light up panels make thoughtful baby shower gifts! Right now you can Buy 1 for 15% off, 2 for 20% off , 3+ for 25% off on Amazon. Save even more with my coupon code: RNShanna -


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