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🌱 These versatile herbal cloths are the perfect solution to freshly clean up just about anything...

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

🌱 These versatile herbal cloths from Fohow

are the perfect solution to freshly clean up just about any surface or body part! I love how they refresh and revitalize our skin too. They're made with 6 types of precious Chinese herbal extracts I know and trust including sophora flavescens, gentian, thyme extracts, clove bud extract, gentiana macrophylla root extract and swertia bimaculata extract. They have a natural anti-itching effect that helps get rid of all kinds of skin issues.

🌱 Plant based earth conscious herbal wipes are flushable and reduce your carbon footprint because they're made of dissolvable plant based fibers that are septic and sewer-safe. One of the reasons they are so gentle on our skin is because they're alcohol and artificial fragrance free. I love the natural herbal scent! Also so versatile and great for adults and kids to use at home, traveling and on the go. We use these hygiene wipes on our face, hands, and all parts of the body to remove dirt and impurities to refresh our skin for any occasion. They're actually the only herbal flushable wipes on Amazon! You can find them at


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