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🥪 These sustainable food wrappers from rolleat are such a clever way to pack, snack & rewrap!

🥪 These sustainable food wrappers from rolleat are such a cute and clever way to pack, snack & rewrap all kinds of different foods! I love how they're designed to be used over and over again! They keep our foods super fresh plus they're easy to clean too! I simply wash the fabric and use them again the next day. I feel good about using less plastic and doing my part in reducing household waste!  I will no longer be using plastic wrappers for lots of different foods like sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, snacks, leftovers and more!

🥪 I love how the Boc’n’Roll wrappers have simple closures that are customizable to different food shapes and sizes. The SNACK’N’GO has a double closure system to protect snacks from spilling inside my bag! Both are totally convenient, compact, and easily washable. I plan to order lots more of both and have them ready and available for school lunches, road trips, picnics, work, and leftovers. Check out all the different designs and styles for yourself and let me know what you think about this eco-friendly option. You can find them at




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