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🚻 These soneat products waterproof toilet seat covers are so handy.

🚻 These @soneatproducts waterproof toilet seat covers are so handy and have the most adorable designs. Zelah loves the animal print but they do come in several other designs including the bright lines, sports and several others. They are soft, smooth and completely waterproof making them perfect for traveling with toddlers, kids and adults. We also like how they come in individually wrapped packs of four in little drawstring carrying bags of 4 packs or 8 packs.

These individual wrapped #toiletseat covers can easily be put in travel bags, diaper bags, purses, wallets, pockets etc. The no slip oversized design gives me piece of mind knowing I can be sure they won't slip off and all parts of any public toilet are completely covered. 🚻 To learn more about these handy, on the go toilet seat covers and see all the other designs for kids and adults visit #SoNeat on @amazon ➡️


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