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🕯️These siptolitcandles smell amazing!

🕯️These @siptolitcandles smell amazing and I love how this unique wine bottle candle can be personalized. I had mine personalized with one of my favorite quotes *She Believed She Could So She Did*. I think these gifted #SiptoLitCandles make such thoughtful personalized gifts and we also love how they're hand poured with natural soy wax and scented with phthalate free fragrance oils.

I also received this handy wick trimmer (swipe left). I've never used a #wicktrimmer until now and had no idea what a difference it makes! Did you know that if you keep your #candlewick trimmed to 1/4 inch it prevents soot build up and the flame burns clearer and brighter? 🕯️ These candles are always made to order using upcycled bottles. To learn more and get 15 % off use my code ➡️ SHANNANSAVES15 at checkout on @etsy


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