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❇️ These organic disposable face towels from vetelab are so soft and nice and thick!

❇️ These organic disposable face towels from @vetelab_towel are so soft and nice and thick making them perfect for skincare!. ♻️ Love how they're 100% biodegradable and made of green man-made fiber material that's free of any chemical ingredients and fluorescent agents. They're also odorless, non-irritating and are great for women who want to improve their #skintexture.

My favorite thing about these #facetowels is how they're extra large and can easily cover my entire face and neck! Way better than ordinary disposable face #towels and designed to be thicker, weighing 60% more than ordinary #washcloths, with 30% more absorbency and 36% more toughness to dry your skin quickly.

❇️ The reason they work so well is because they're made with an #innovative three layer combination design. A unique AB side three layers design, A side is the clean layer for cleaning your face and removing #makeup. The middle is the absorbent layer that quickly absorbs and stores a large amount of water. Then the B side is the hydrating layer for applying cosmetic water or #facecreams. 🎁 You can find this box of 70 large face towels on Amazon ➡️




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