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🍓 These O!VITA Organic P probiotic gummies taste like fresh strawberries!!

These O!VITA Organic P

probiotic gummies from @provitausa taste like fresh strawberries and are so delicious. They contain 5 billion CFU per serving of #bacillussubtilis to improve digestive health, immune system function, and lipid metabolism. This formula is vegan made with vegan strain of probiotics that is highly stable through shelf life and can withstand the effects of stomach acid. I always choose #provitausa because their supplements are made from non-GMO ingredients making them richer in nutrients. Grown naturally, clean and healthy plus always manufactured in the USA. 🇺🇲

Right now you can try a #FREE product from @provitausa or get 20% off your first order sitewide by simply signing up for their special offers and updates


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