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🖼️ These illuminated personalized photo gifts from the amlion store make thoughtful presents for any occasion!

🖼️ These illuminated personalized photo gifts from the amlion store make  thoughtful presents for any occasion! Check out the beautiful illuminated multi colored light picture frame and moon lamp! The illuminated picture frame is my favorite of the two. This custom framed photo is made of natural wood and the photo is printed on acrylic sheets! I love the gorgeous lighting system that's powered by usb. I simply press the switch to turn on the lights and change the colors. It even has a dimmable feature.

🌚 The moon lamp is also beautiful and engraved with an innovative 3D printing technology. Love the delicate texture on the surface that looks like a real moon. It comes with a cute wooden base to hold it in place. You simply charge it with the USB and it lights up for 8 hours!! It has 16 colors that you can adjust and change by touching, flapping or using the remote!!

🖼️ The amlion store has all kinds of unique personalized photo gifts and products including illuminated picture frames, wallets, hats, wind chimes and lots more. To learn more and find the perfect custom gift for yourself or a loved one visit


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