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🌞 These hand sanitizers from @flexbeautylabs are the coolest hand sanitizers ever!!!

🌞 These hand sanitizers from @flexbeautylabs are the coolest hand #sanitizers ever!!! They smell amazing and check out all the awesome designs on the silicon holders like #airheads, #warheads #mikeandike and #icee!! Not only are they fun to carry around but they are super effective too!! Flex Beauty Labs themed #handsanitizers kill 99.99 percent of all the most common germs without damaging skin. They won't dry out or irritate your skin so they're perfect for #kids and adults frequent everyday use. It's a mild formula that's free of tricolsan, parabens, phthalates, and other harsh ingredients. We also love how these collectable silicone holders can attach the 1 oz. bottle to #purses, diaper bags, #backpacks, key chains, or #gymbags. 🌞 They come in packs of 6 and are currently available on @amazon with my 20% off code: 6JDAAXKV ➡️







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