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👩‍⚕️ These dansko Patch Pro clogs are so comfy and fun!

👩‍⚕️ These @dansko Patch Pro clogs are so comfy and fun! What a fun gift to add some personalization to these professional clogs! I love how the patches can be put on and moved around so I can create different looks whenever I feel like it. Every pair comes with 5 cool embroidered patches for everyday wear. I also received an extra pack of patches specifically designed for #healthcareworkers.

So fun to customize my #clogs by attaching one, two, or all five. I love how the patches are embroidered with a durable hook backing so they totally stay in place. #Dansko Professional clogs are amazingly comfortable to wear with the anatomically contoured midsole. My favorite thing about them is the rocker bottom that assists with forward motion while walking to add hours of comfortable support throughout your day.

🏥 I think they are amazing shoes for anyone on their feet for long periods of time .. They come in several colors and different choices of custom patch designs too.


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