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👡 These custom heels from FranShoe are my favorite heels!!

👡 These custom heels gifted from FranShoe are my favorite heels because they're so beautiful, unique and comfortable. They look great with just about any outfit and I love the neutral color. They're also super easy and stable to walk in and I love the cool looking hallowed out design of the heel and the comfy closed toe. The strap is easy to adjust and has a soft strap under the buckle so I don't feel the buckle rub on the top of my foot like a lot other shoes I have.

These heels look and feel to be incredibly well made and because of the craftsmanship and design I know they'll last forever and never go out of style. 👠 The shoe design I'm wearing is called Destiny Wave Piedmont Mist which is beige in color. They currently come in four color options of red, black, brown and beige and 3 different sizes: seven, eight and nine. I'm wearing a size 8 and they're true to size and fit me exactly as I had hoped they would. I've had these shoes for close to a year now and they still look as new and beautiful as the day I received them.

👡 Franshoe has all sorts of beautifully unique designed heels currently available and several have even been granted patents because of their unusual designs. If you're looking for a truly different kind of shoe check out

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